Octagon Competition Cages


If you want a professional look and feel for your MMA event/Training Center ? You need one of our Octagon Competition Cages. All cages come complete with a LIFETIME WELDING WARRANTY, wood flooring, two doors, all padding vinyl covers, corner pads, and two sets of cage entrance stairs. 

  • 8 heavy-duty corner posts
  • 2x4 reinforced steel framing
  • 2x2 steel cage panel and door frames
  • 2 doors (opens inward & outward for fighter safety)
  • 8 corner cushions 16" x 72"
  • 8 top and bottom rail foam and covers
  • 2 sets of steel stairs
  • 1" thick Made in USA floor padding
  • 1 floor cover in canvas or vinyl
  • Complete Skirting
  • 3/4 complete wood flooring
  • Rail & Door Vinyl: Black
  • Vinyl or Canvas Floor Cover Colors: Black, Red, Blue, or White.(Custom Logos & Private Labeling are available upon request).
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