PRO COMBAT FILLED 150LBS 6FT Muay Thai "BANANA" Punching Kicking Heavy Bag

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The famous PRO COMBAT 'Banana Bag'. 6 ft. long and 16 inch in diameter. A favorite for Muay Thai fighters, as it's tall enough to practice high-low combinations with kicks and punches. It's also thin enough to work on clinching knee strikes! Not a cheap import! Constructed in the USA from the finest materials by PRO COMBAT. The famous 'Banana Bag'. 6 ft. long and 16 inch in diameter. Features a shell of heavyweight ProCombat® RIP-STOP® Technology impregnated material, quadruple-stitched along all stress seams. Resists weathering, stains, etc. Top hanging straps are heavyweight industrial webbing and run the entire length of the bag. Each bag is custom-stuffed to the firmness required for intense training with a custom blend of materials (no sawdust or paper!) Won't settle! Heavy hanging straps run the entire length of the dummy for further support and a bottom tiedown is available. All bags are hand-inspected and come with a one year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. 

* ProCombat® RIP-STOP® Technology make this the most durable bag in the business



* Weight: 150 lbs

* The strap to the D ring measures 15"